Choosing a chauffeur service means being able to count on a service that allows you to arrive at your destination without the stress and anxiety of public transport.

Here are other reasons to choose this service:

Access to all city areas in Rome.
Chauffeured cars can use the preferential lanes and are allowed to enter the restricted traffic areas.

Relax while travelling.
If you choose to travel with our chauffeur service you will no longer have to worry about traffic, schedule, fuel or the efficiency of the means of transport. You can enjoy your travel and read the daily news or look at the landscape.

No more parking problems!
With the chauffeur service, you won’t have to worry about finding parking anymore! The driver will take you to your destination and pick you up at the requested time.

Safety and hygiene.
Booking the chauffeur service means travelling in complete safety. Every customer who rides in our cars is like the first customer to get on board. We guarantee quality and sanitation for each service.

Choosing Italian Driver means having the guarantee of punctuality, professionalism and reliability.

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