Big cities are typically tough to navigate, and public transportation is not always the ideal solution. Relying on taxi and chauffeur service in Rome can be a good alternative.

But which one is more convenient?

The differences between chauffeur service and Taxi

The taxi service is known by everyone worldwide even if in Rome, unfortunately, it’s pretty expensive, compared to other European cities. Chauffeur driven cars rental offer a similar service to that provided by taxis.

Among the main aspects that differentiate the chauffeur service from other transport services, we find the flexibility of schedules and movements, punctuality, comfort, attention to the customer, professionalism and confidentiality.

The chauffeur service represents a good choice for long distances. In addition, it is possible to know in advance the rate and have the certainty that the price will not undergo any variation.

Which one is more convenient?

Legend has it that the chauffeur service is a luxury service. Actually, in most cases, the price is equal to or less than a taxi fare. In addition, for transfers to and from airports, the chauffeur service has a lower fare and higher reliability.

Even for transfers outside the city, the chauffeur service is the most convenient choice, as it offers more competitive fares than regular taxis.

Travelling with the chauffeur service

The chauffeur service offers personalized service, qualified staff, comfort and punctuality. Italian Driver provides the most comfortable luxury cars at transparent and advantageous rates.

We consider this very important because we don’t want our customers to have any surprises at payment time. The rates include LTZ permit in Rome and for all cities in Italy, insurance for passengers and luggage, bilingual driver in elegant clothing.

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